Thursday, June 22, 2006

Very Busy

Sorry for the light posting, I've been really, really busy in real life again. I'll talk more about it later (maybe tomorrow). I was away from the computer all day yesterday and when I go back on the Internet I had 26 messages and as I was dealing with those, more came in. Some of the email were comments to my blogs but most of them were Blogging Chicks stuff, either people wanting to be added to the blogroll or people having problems with the code or people telling me they have installed the code of people wanting to submit their Carnival entry. It took me over 3 hours to handle it all. So, no time to post!

But in a couple days, everything will die down and I will tell you all about it and will post a Bible study again. Also, I'm going to update my Beatitude post, it turns out that I left out an important element of the post (I was in a hurry to post it) and that was the indicative and the imperative (this was pointed out to me by one of my commenters on Reformed Chicks Blabbing). You can't read the Beatitudes without understanding the indicative and the imperative. The Beatitudes is indicative (meaning who we are) and not imperative (be more like this). Very bad of me to leave that important facet out (the post was part of a study that I did a couple years ago on Matthew and I think that the indicative and imperative section was in an introduction that I left out of my post).


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