Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So, enough about oats! What should I blog about for the carnival?

So, I think that I've pretty much exhausted the whole oats topic now. I've been busy with end of the school year stuff for my kids. Field day, awards, half days, finals, graduation ceremony, this is how I'm spending my week. Plus cleaning for my in-laws' visit. Not much time for blogging, not much time for the Lord. I hope that over the weekend I can make up for my lack of time with the word of God by spending extra time studying.

I need to come up with some catchy kind of post for the Carnival. I got some hits from the Carnival but not a lot. I want something that's short, something that is catchy and would be contained in one post. Maybe I'll do a special request, what would you like me to blog about for the carnival?


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