Monday, May 08, 2006

You Guys Realize I Need Prayer, Right?

I'm a slow reader with a lot of reading to do this week (and I probably have ADD). Please pray that the Lord will help me to concentrate on what I'm reading and to put the blogs out of my mind.


  1. Kim from Hiraeth said...
    You've got my prayers this morning and in the days to come.

    One thing that might help you focus on your studies is to remember just how much it costs!--and not just in money but in time and sacrifice.

    That always helped me get focused and stay focused.
    eph2810 said...
    Will be praying for His strength to get you through the studies.
    Susan said...
    I'll be praying for you too Michele

    Might I also ask that as the Lord reminds you, pray for me too.

    I have two final exams next week too.

    michele said...
    Do you have ADD? Make sure you post that on RCB. I think I'll post your resquest as well. "My bad" (as Samantha says) for not doing it already.

    Thanks for the prayers everyone. Prayer harder :-).

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