Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Morning

It's raining here in NJ but at least we didn't get the hail that they were predicting (well, at least I didn't hear it if we did). My husband took the kids in this morning because I have a new symptom to contend with, ear ache. When I went to bed last night, my ear started hurting and this morning it was no better. I don't think it's infected, I get this normally when I get too much congestion.

So, I'm home and I will be blogging throughout the day because I really can't do too much of anything else except for sleeping which I might do as well.

I've been blogging over at Reformed Chicks Blabbing so you might want to check that out. Also, I think Ang is getting us into another controversy so you might want to see what she's up to. We usually get involved in Homeschooling controversies when she blogs.


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