Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogging Chicks

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  1. said...
    What do you know about the Emergent church? I have a friend who is also a blogger. He is currently in the seminary program at Bethel University but plans to be an English professor (I think) rather than a minister when he is done. There have been times when I am pretty sure I disagree with him and therefore possibly the Emergent church but because of my lack of knowledge have not been able to articulate why his line of thinking may be faulty. If you have time to read yet another blog his can be found at
    The most disturbing thing lately is his April 19th post. I posted as judesgirl (my other internet identity) in response to this post.
    michele said...
    I sent you an email. I'd be happy to after my finals -- May 17th.

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