Saturday, May 20, 2006

Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed forces day. We don't show our appreciation enough to those who serve our country and put their life on the line to protect our freedom. I want to say thank you to each and every man and woman who has served and is serving this country in the military.

My father was in the Navy for twenty years. His ship wrecked while he was on leave and he was gone from the family months at a time. He wasn't even there for my birth. We lived in a trailer park because that was all we could afford. My dad was a Navy recuriter during the Viet Nam war and he had a heck of a time during those years. Miltary service was a way of life for him but it was also a sacrifice.

Thank you for your service and I hope that you realize your worth to the nation. I'm amazed that anyone would sacrifice their lives for the freedom of others. We are blessed by the Lord to have you protecting our freedom.

Thanks to the Pollywog Creek Porch for posting early as a reminder that it was this Saturday.


  1. Love, Rita said...
    Hi, Michele,
    I had no idea that today was "Armed Services Day" until I came across your post while I was blog surfing.

    I will pass the information along--we are all so grateful that the men and women who wear the various uniforms were willing to put everything that was important to them aside to serve our country!

    Great site.
    michele said...
    Thanks for visiting an commenting.

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