Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm sorry you had to look at balloons all day today. As you could guess, I was busy with birthday stuff. The girls had half a day, their grandparents went to school for grandparents' day and then we went out to lunch. And it took soooooo long for us to get our food, I'm never going there again. Then we came home and I had to help one of the new Blogging Chicks install the blogroll. (BTW, I am the best and nicest blogroll owner, I even help you install your blogroll -- who else does that?)Then we went out to dinner (more on that on my other blog later) and shopping for Sarah's present (she wanted to pick out what her sister gave her, a bulletin board).

But stop back tomorrow; I plan to post something about Good Friday. I was writing it in the car this morning while I wanted for my daughters. I'm going to be up half the night finishing it.

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  1. Linda said...
    "Then we went out to dinner (more on that on my other blog later)" -- Aw c'mon Michele, I was so looking forward to your rendition of our relaxing meal together... :)

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