Monday, April 10, 2006

reformation21's blog theme

This from the reformation21 blog:

"The role of women in God’s Church is a vital and volatile question in every age, but the increased visibility of this topic in our time demands that the Church develop a theology of, and a functioning model for, women’s ministry in the local church." (Susan Hunt and J. Ligon Duncan, Women's Ministry in the Local Church).
I say amen to that! Let's get rid of all these ad hoc ways we are handling this issue and come up with a workable theology based on biblical exegesis.

BTW, I wish they would let us mere mortals comment on their pontifications though I do understand why they might not want to since they all have jobs and wouldn't have the time to respond to comments. I'm beginning to realize how time consumming it is to respond to comments (I'll have to add this to my list).


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