Saturday, April 01, 2006

Our Fight is Spiritual

Here is an interesting article that contains a good reminder of our purpose:

In the “War on Christmas,” what was gained? Did more people turn their lives over to Jesus or were more turned off by judgmental, self-righteous Christians trying to impose their value system on people who have not embraced those values? Does fighting for our “rights” and whining of a perceived “persecution” advance the Kingdom of God? Is this a wise use of our time and resources — convening
conferences and disributing costly materials decrying the pervasiveness of worldly values… in the world? As Christians, Jesus tells us that we are no longer of this world, but now serve as His ambassadors to this world to spread His good news of love, hope, grace, mercy and forgiveness.
We are called to witness Christ. Do we do that by forcing America to accept our values and our holidays? I think our fight should be for the souls of a lost and dying world, not so that we can force the checkout clerk to say, "Merry Christmas." The American church is a whiny 2-year-old that would crumble if faced with real persecution.

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  1. shannon from rocks in my dryer said...
    Wow. VERY profound, and oh so true. I had a hard time articulating why I couldn't get all into the "war on Christmas" thing, but you just said it so well. A whiny 2 year old. How true.
    michele said...
    Thank's Shannon and welcome back! I loved your vacation coverage.

    And I know! So, what, don't say "Merry Christmas," just give me my change :-). BTW, I always forget and say "Happy Holiday" myself and then would have to say quickly, "Oh, I mean Merry Christmas," if I were talking to a Christian.

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