Friday, April 07, 2006

Link Lists

OK, I'm finally done with these link lists! They are a lot of work. Well, as you can see from my sidebar, I decided to ditch the idea of the reading list since I read waaaay to many blogs and I don't want to include them all if they're not linking to me. I included a couple that I go to everyday.

I hope that you guys who link to me like your link list title :-). If anyone is linking to me and you're not on my list, it's because you didn't tell me even though I've mentioned it like a 100 times.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    I love my link list (on RCB) so much. Blogger gave you such a groovy font over there, didn't it?

    Had to comment here because you didn't cross-post ... for once! :->
    michele said...
    You didn't give me a chance! I'm tired and going to bed, if I remember I'll post something in the morning. Don't you love the title? I wanted you guys to feel the love!

    Blogger is really getting on my nerves, I have no idea what is going on with these dumb fonts. I've been adding stuff to Ang's blog and for some reason the font of the blogging chicks blogroll is really big. I don't know why.

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