Monday, April 17, 2006

Life's Simple Pleasures

I've been tagged by Kim from HIRAETH to name 10 of life's simple pleasures:

1. Chocolate
2. Rib-eye steak, smoked on the grill
3. Bed-time kisses and hugs from my daughters
4. Their looks of love when I've made them happy (usually buying them something or taking them to a movie)
5. Finally understanding a theological concept that was evading me
6. Talking to my husband on the phone (especially after a test :-)
7. The sound and smell of the ocean at dusk especially after you have been at the beach all day.
8. The Windmill hotdogs (or hamburgers) after a day at the beach.
9. Comments after writing a particularly difficult post.
10. My morning cup of tea

Don't infer anything from the order :-).

Thanks, Kim that was fun. I tag:







  1. SupComTabz said...
    Ha... done!
    Kim from Hiraeth said...
    Wasn't that easy?!
    michele said...
    It was very easy, Kim. It was a lot easier than the 52 questions.
    SupComTabz said...
    No worries - you just don't blog around a lot of teenagers (that's what my xanga readership consists of because I work with the teens at church)... they love tagging and it gets kind of annoying after awhile. :)
    SupComTabz said...
    I liked this tag though.. the other ones I've seen get kind of pointless....
    michele said...
    I liked this one as well because it focused on what we hold dear. We learn more about each other through the experience.
    Ang said...
    Okay, so what do I have to do now? And how is this different from those emails that tell me to forward to show that I really love the sender?

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