Monday, April 03, 2006

Libbie Groves

Libbie Groves posts about her struggles as she deals with her tooth and her husband's cancer:

Last week as I asked the Lord why he didn't want my tooth to get numbed and crowned so I could get on with the rest of life that needed tending to, I realized that I had to kneel before him as the Lord, the king, the master who calls the shots and orders our days, who knows what is really best for us. Eventually I ended up just kneeling quietly at his feet. He really is the shepherd my shepherd, the good shepherd who knows where the quiet waters and the green pastures are and who leads me there. He is the LORD, and I can be genuinely content in his care and his sovereignty.
Read the rest here Please remember to keep them both in your prayers.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    I read this in the newspaper last week ... I wish I could find it online:

    Reflecting on disruptions and surprises

    [...] In the midst of the questioning, I also have found God breaking into my life. This "breaking in" comes not so much in events but rather through the concern of others.

    I am on prayer lists at [catholic college] where I teach. Each Monday during supper the [religious sisters] reach out to me in love and concern. [...]

    As a teacher also in a [catholic high school], my students could tell that something wasn't totally right with me and would ask if everything was fine. In sharing some of my story with them, I became the "special intention" of a few of them during class prayer.

    When looking for God's kingdom in my life, it rarely comes in dramatic, outward signs and wonders, but through people. [...]

    I'm beginning to hear God now in the ordinary -- often unpredictable -- events of daily life. He is whispering in my ear, "All will be well."

    While God is unpredictable, God is never unfaithful. The "unpredictable" aspect of our relationship with God has given believers pause to reflect down through the generations.

    Allan F. Wright

    Yes, being still is a good posture and knowing that people are praying for her and her husband.
    michele said...
    That is something that my pastor spoke of on Sunday, Job 2. Being still with someone and letting them know that you love them and are praying for them. That you support them during this time of grief and struggle (he was actually talking about death). I thought it was a powerful reminder.

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