Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Tough Supporting Two Blogs

I try to update the blog each day because I want to make your stop worth it. But I really don't have anything fresh yet. Next week I go on spring break and I hope to write some stuff then. The digests are out of order and I have to finish regeneration before I post the rest. So be patient with me and I will try to get this stuff done. I have some very interesting stuff from Bavinck on justification (yes, theology can be interesting).


  1. Beth said...
    I only have one blog and have trouble coming up with topics to discuss. I'm starting a new domain (I get unlimited domains with DreamHost at NO charge!!!) about pet rat care. If that isn't pathetic lol.
    michele said...
    Well, if you're an expert it might be helpful. Make sure you stick our blogroll on it and I'll put you on Blogging Chicks. I guess that's how we'll grow the list each of us will start another blog.

    BTW, I get a number of people coming, clicking on my mail icon and yet I get no mail. What is up with people?

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