Saturday, April 08, 2006

Google Traffic Redirection: Tim Bayly and Carolyn Curtis James

For those of you who were searching for Tim Bayly and Carolyn Custis James, I really don't have too much. I thought that he was wrong to reprimand her and I thought it was wrong for him to write an open letter to her husband. I believe he tried to assume an authority he does not have (pastorial). This seems to be a problem on the Internet.

But you really aren't here for my opinions, you want information so:

Here is probably what you are looking for, it is a link to all the articles he wrote about Carolyn Curtis James.

I'm still trying to find a response from her
on the Internet to his charges . You may be interested in the following:

Here's a review of her book, WHEN LIFE AND BELIEFS COLLIDE: How Knowing God Makes a Difference, in Christianity Today. And here's one for Lost Women of the Bible at Common Ground Online as well as one from Westminster seminarian, Brandon Withrow.

Here's a link to her article in the PCA magazine, byFaith Online.

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