Sunday, April 16, 2006

Image hosting by TinyPicBeth of Ramblings Of An Undistrubed Mind was among the first to join the blogroll (just by that act alone you can see that she is intelligent and a long-range thinker :-). She maybe one of the few blogs that I read almost every post. Here is Beth in her own words:

There isn't much to say about myself. I'm 33, not married, I have 2 pet rats, 9 small tattoos and I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty and building the perfect website. I'm an only child, a bit spoiled, but, not much. My dad died when I was 15 and my mother raised me on her own. I don't do drugs, I'll have a wine cooler once a year and I smoke. I have a strange sense of humor that not many people get. I'm quiet until you get to know me. I love animals and should have been a Vet-however I'm still searching for who I am and going broke while doing so. This is about all. I'm not much
of an exciting person.


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