Saturday, April 15, 2006

5 New Blogging Chicks!

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Wow! What a week we've had for Blogging Chicks Blogroll! This list is really growing fast, much faster than I have time for :-). Usually I give a nice little introduction to each site but this week I am unable to do so. I invite you to go check out each blog for yourself. I started to write a nice little introduction but Firefox crashed and now I lost all that time and I have some things I want to blog about before I leave this morning to continue my fruitless shopping for Easter clothes.

So, welcome Alli's Mom from Manic Mommy's Musing in Alabama (mother to three year old Alli), Tabz (yes, the same one who did our Blogging Chicks icon) has a second blog, Stupid People Shouldn't Breed (go there and rant with her, I may be over there later after my trip to the mall today :-), Cheeky from Snow Trapped Southern Girl in Minnesota (poor thing), homeschooler and savvy chick, Gem from My So-Called Homeschool, and finally Denise of Mental Excrements in Tennessee, who has a great layout to her blog.

Please make sure you visit their blogs and welcome them to the blogroll!


  1. Denise said...
    I just wanted to leave a short comment to say "Hello". I just joined the Blogroll and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone on it.

    My name is Denise and I live in TN with my three kids (6 yr old twins and a 20 month old). My husband is a truck driver so he's rarely home. I'm currently a part-time WAHM. I own a website called "Moodswing Creations". I offer web design services and I will be adding various products to the site soon. I welcome you to my blog-home at Mental Excrements.
    michele said...
    Hey, Denise! Welcome to the blogroll. I hope you enjoy your stay :-).
    Gem said...
    Awww, you called me savvy! Thanks for the shout-out, sorry I haven't made it by here in a little while! I'm slowly making it through the list, and have made it back around down to this one. I've really GOT to get to bed, lol!

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