Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What about this?

Isn't this so cute? And it would be better for a blog list than the bigger icons. I love it (the chick looks like me after a night of blogging)! Tabitha is already using it. BTW, if someone wants to use a different graphic, even one of your own design or no graphic at all, that's fine just make sure that the graphic links back to the blogging chicks sign up info (some people will click on the graphic instead of the link -- I know because I'm one of them).

If anyone is willing to put up our graphic on their site (after we've selected it), I will put a recipocal link to their site (it has to be a family friendly site). I'm making a special "Friends of the Blogging Chicks" link list and you can be part of it (sign up first and there will be a special bonus feature to your link). That list will be on both blogs. (Two links for the price of one, who can beat that?)


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