Friday, March 24, 2006

To the Blog Mad Readers

Content, people! That's all I'm saying. What do you expect me to look at for 25 seconds when you haven't posted anything? And don't just give me one post, what if I'm not interested in the hairball your cat coughed up? And I'm certainly not interested in a picture of it; I will forego the credit!


  1. quotidian said...
    Howdy, dropping in through BlogMad.

    I update my blog everyday - and they're not hairballs or anything disgusting, too. ;)

    Like the design of your blog.
    Ben said...
    Ha, I know exactly how you feel. Click, wait, click again. I know that at least a few of the readers will stay though, so I'm not stressing over it.
    michele said...
    Quotidian, nope, didn't see your blog all day! I saw something with teddy bears at least four times and even though I requested no sports, every 5 or 6 blogs, along comes another sports blog!
    michele said...
    Ben, I only saw your blog once. I guess you need to earn more credit :-).

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