Thursday, March 02, 2006


As you can see I decided to change the look of the blog. I choose a picture that I think visually invokes the title of my blog. I was surprised that I could have both the picture and the title. I also changed the color of my baby picture because I think gray goes better than whatever the color was before.

Now, what to do about a picture for my other blog. How about chicks in prison outfits with little cartoon captions?


  1. Moonshadow said...
    What's the church in the picture?
    michele said...
    Oh rats! I should have mentioned the name of the place. It is the Greek church in Santorini. I found the picture on the web (the guy who owned it allowed people to download and use his pictures). I cropped it and lenghtened it to fit as a title picture. I was going to make it look like it was painted but I decided I liked it the way it was.
    Susan said...
    Very pleasing to the eye. Overall, I think the format is better than it was before (if I had to compare)

    Now, as far as the reformed chicks site is concerned, I'll have to think on it. Why do you think we should have prison outfits?
    michele said...
    I was thinking reform school.
    michele said...
    I was thinking of a chicken coup in a field of tulips but chicken coups are pretty ugly.

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