Thursday, March 02, 2006

Submission Discussion

Laura is discussing submission on her blog. I think this is an important topic that we should be discussing because it's hard to strike a balance in today's society. I think some in the Christian community have a 50's mentality of what submission looks like in a Christian home but on the flip side some women don't practice it at all and there is constant struggle and tension in the home. Somewhere in the middle is biblical submission (I suspect).

I tried to leave a comment but I accidently deleted it. I guess that's for the best, I really shouldn't comment on submission since I struggle with it (I told you I was a rebel at heart). I'm still trying to figure out what submission looks like in my home.


  1. Laura T said...
    Thank you, Michele for the 'plug'. I would really appreciate everyone's insight to this difficult and yet needed 'command' that the LORD has revealed in his word.

    It is my hope and prayer that women would feel led to share their experience(s) with it and offer ideas on how submission is carried out in their Godly home.
    michele said...
    I hope you get a discussion going.
    Moonshadow said...
    I saw Laura T on TV on Sunday morning, did she tell you? It was the Coral Ridge Holy Hour or something ... the broadcast of her church's service. She had her eyes closed, maybe she was praying, and she was wearing a sundress. It was her, it had to be her because everyone else in the church has white hair. Florida, you know.

    We have a good little discussion going and I think that we are reaching a consensus, in a moral relativistic sort of way! Egad.
    michele said...
    I was trying to read through all the material you guys were throwing around there -- I had to give up :-).

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