Thursday, March 09, 2006

No Wonder Christians Have Messed Up Theology

Their pastors don't understand basic Protestant theology! Shane Rosenthal interviewed pastors, their wives and ministry leaders at the National Pastor's Convention in San Diego here's a sampling of what he found:

When Shane asked "Is justification a one time declaration or a life long process?"

49% said that justification is a process, 31% said a declaration, while 14% indicated that is was both. 6% were not sure.

When Shane asked, "What are we saved from?

43% said "ourselves." 24% said from "sin and death" while 17% said (correctly) that we are saved from eternal judgment or the wrath of God. Another large group were not sure about the question and some admitted to have never even given this subject any thought.

You haven't given it much thought? Aren't sure what your saved from? Sheech people, read your Bible! Romans 5:9 Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. Don't these pastors read Romans?

Go here to read the rest.

(Link via reformation21 blog)


  1. shannon from rocks in my dryer said...
    Hi, Michele--thanks for coming by my blog and leaving the comments. I'm having fun goofing around with the design.

    My brother is at Westminster, too!
    michele said...
    You have an excellent blog and I liked your friend chillihead's blog as well. What's your brother's name.
    Susan said...
    I was listening to Whitehorse Inn today,(topic was "Are we saved by works" part of their Romans revolution) a lot of the time they do "man on the street" interviews.

    This time they were asking Christians as a christian book sellers convention this:

    Does God demand perfection?

    Only a minority (one person)said yes!!

    The commentators at the Inn were hoping that pastors were listening and seeing that the flock is ignorant of biblical theology.

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