Friday, March 31, 2006

Insider Trading

I told you guys to buy my stock, did you listen? Well, someone did because it shot up. It was $25 a share and now it's $118! But when I wrote that last night, I didn't know that I was about to increase the value of my Reformed Chicks Blabbing blog. If you can, buy stock in that before anyone notices that the value just shot up (I was added to another blogroll).

Hey Beth, how I do I find my Reformed Chicks Blabbing blog? I want to see what it's trading for.


  1. Beth said...
    Not sure this will show up right but I did a search-

    Total Shares 5000
    Public Held Shares 2750
    Price B$1.02
    P/E 1.65
    Highest Price * B$1.20
    Lowest Price * B$1.20
    Trading Volume ** 1
    A.E.L. *** 75.75 %

    I bought 1250 shares. Right now the price to buy is 1.02-I'll wait 24 hours and buy another 1000 to get the price up if no one else has bought any shares.
    michele said...
    Can I transfer money to you because people keep giving me stock and forcing me to sell and so I started with 500 and am up to almost 20,000 and I haven't even logged in since I joined.
    Beth said...
    I can't find any place to actually transfer cash.. unless it's under a premium membership. I just bought 1250 more shares of the stock and the buy price is now up to 1.93. I have 63,000 in cash so right now buying small priced stocks isn't a problem. If I can get the price of Reformed Chicks to jump up and others buy, I could sell, cash in and attempt a takeover of this blog lol. At one time I had over 3 million dollars-but where I hadn't played in so long I lost money in what stocks I did own. Thank goodness it's pretend.
    michele said...
    I know that this is the way to move up in the game (though not playing the game seems to work for me, I'm at $24,000 and I haven't even logged on yet) but when you acquire enough of my stock, sit on it because in a month (I hope) the value should increase significantly. I'm waiting to be accepted to five blogrolls on my RCB blog and four on this blog. And since the value is in the linking, that would make this a very valuable commodity.

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