Thursday, March 09, 2006

Horton's New Book

I just picked up Michael Horton's new book on covenant theology. It looks like an easy read so if you are a little shaky on covenant theology make sure you order it. Amazon has it on sale (if you use my links to purchase your books and other stuff, my daughters go to college :-).


  1. Susan said...
    I'm getting this book!

    I was just having this conversation with a man at my church about theology. He is a dispensationalist and I am a 5 point Calvinist. Of course we don't agree on limited atonement but what really surprised me was his statement that people in the O.T. were saved differently that people in the N.T.
    (Don't tell me I told you so Michele, *grin*)

    I *know* that is a falsehood and so I want this book to help me be better grounded in covenant theology, because it really does matter.
    michele said...
    "Don't tell me I told you so Michele"

    Oh no you don't! I am soooo going to say, "I told you so! I told you so! Who was right? Who was wrong? Who is the Queen of All Rightness? And for good measure, nanee, nanee, boo boo!" :-)

    "it really does matter" Tell me about it.

    Did you use my link to Amazon? Just kidding! Do you want me to buy it at the seminary bookstore next week?
    Susan said...
    Yes, oh Queen of Rightness---go on, enjoy it (this time)

    And yes, I will give you an excuse to go to the bookstore at WTS to buy me the book. Let me know what I owe you.
    michele said...
    OK, I'll go on Wednesday. It's going to be $13.
    Mark Traphagen said...
    And if you buy it from Amazon, instead of Westminster Bookstore, Michele's kids go to college but I don't get to finish seminary!

    Rats...I have no chance competing against cute children!
    michele said...
    I do all my book shopping at Westminster and if you guys would give me a kick back I would have your links up. As it is, I do have a link to the bookstore to ease my guilt. And as you can see, I do offer my friends the opportunity to support the Westminster bookstore.

    Believe me I felt guilty about Amazon but Westminster is already getting a good chunk of our income :-).

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