Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Homespun Blogger

I have registered this blog and my other blog in the Homespun Bloggers blogroll . This is a group of bloggers who like to blog for fun but not profit (since none of you is using my Amazon links, there is definitely no profit to be had here). As I said to in my email request: "I'm making absolutely no money from all my labor so I must be doing it for love."

The sites are required to be family friendly but they are not required to be Christian. So caveat emptor! We can all look at this as an opportunity to check out blogs that we might not agree with politically, philosophically, etc. Another point of view can be helpful and enlightening.

Updated to add: I was all worried about misspelling emptor and it turns out I misspelled caveat. As you can see I fixed it. Also, Teresa thinks I should change emptor to lector (reader) which is cute, but not what I wanted to say.


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