Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Flaw in the System

You know, I noticed that there is a big problem with this Blog Mad system and it's pretty obvious that even I figured it out. If I'm spending my day viewing sites, when am I going to post new content. And I can't do what I normally do when I read other blogs, "That looks like and interesting subject, I think I'll blog about that as well" because you already read about it, too.

Another huge problem is that I've seen some blogs so often that I dread seeing them again and can't think why I would ever go visit them voluntarily. How does that promote readership?


  1. robin said...
    I hope my blog isn't one of them.
    michele said...
    No, I haven't seen your blog before. Smart of you to get me (and any of my comment readers) to view it now :-)

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