Monday, March 06, 2006

Covenant Theology

A book by Michael Horton on Covenant Theology has just been published. This is an introduction to Covenant Theology. There aren't a lot of introductory books on Covenant Theology (believe me, I've looked), so if you are still confused by how many covenants there (1? 2? 3?) are and would like to understand the differences and similarities between the Old and New Covenant, then you might want to get this book.

I haven't read it so this is not an endorsement but if you've read Putting the Amazing Back Into Grace then you know that he is an excellent writer. And if you haven't read it go get it because it is a wonderful treatment of Reformed theology.

BTW, it's cheap, less than you would pay for CD or DVD.


  1. TulipGirl said...
    "There aren't a lot of introductory books on Covenant Theology (believe me, I've looked)"

    *L* Isn't that the truth! When we were in Ukraine, we were blessed with friends with excellent theological libraries. Even so, it was hard to find that sort of book. (Even with online sources like Monergism, I had trouble finding as many resources/the type of resource I needed when beginning my studies of Covenant theology.)
    michele said...
    For my Doctrine of Man class we had to read Kline's Kingdom Prologue as our text on covenant theology. Rough stuff! We also had to read Images of the Spirit which was one of the hardest books I had to read for seminary (the other one being Text Under Negotiation).

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