Thursday, March 30, 2006

Could someone explain this to me?

What is this all about? How can they trade shares on my blog when I didn't even submit it? I know that it's just a game, but I'm not thrilled that I can't get in on the action and besides shouldn't I be the full owner of the blog? I sent an email asking for an explanation.

But on a note of pride, look at how much money my blog is making! My value has been increasing steadily and I'm up to $25 a share. If anyone is involved in this game they might want to buy now because that price is going to continue to rise (or is that insider trading :-).

Updated to add: Ok, I just got my explanation. They offered to take me off but I'm going to stay. Those two people who bought my shares are going to make a lot of money and I wouldn't want to disappoint them :-).


  1. Beth said...
    I was going to try and buy it out from under them but no shares are left. I haven't played BlogShares for a long time so I'm low on the fake money there too.
    michele said...
    Can I transfer mine to you? I signed up but I really don't have time to play. The one to buy is the reformed chicks blogging stock because I just added more links to that blog.

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