Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Church History for Children

I recently purchased these two books for my daughters and I'm making them write a review for the blog after they are finished with various projects for school. Samantha has to give an oral presentation on Pocahontas (we choose her because we had an Indian costume) and Sarah had to do a collage on "To Kill a Mocking Bird." I will post the pictures I took of the collage after Thursday so no one steals her ideas (you get extra points for originality).

These books are intended for children ages 9-14 and the authors, Mindy and Brandon Withrow are associated with Wesminster Theological Seminary. He is a Ph.D. candidate and she works in public relations at the seminary.

They each have a blog: Mindy L. Withrow and A Blog of Brandon Withrow.

You can order their books at the Westminster Bookstore: here and here

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