Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogging Parable

Blogging is like spending all day picking out a beautiful silk dress, getting your hair done, getting your makeup done and making sure that all your accessories match your dress. Then, after getting dressed, you wait on the sidewalk for someone to throw a Boston cream pie at you. But you don't leave; you wait even through you know someone else will probably do the same thing, you wait because you know occasionally there will be someone who will come by, hug you and say, "Thanks, you were a blessing to me today and a source of encouragement."

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  1. SupComTabz said...
    Mmm.. what happened that you got cream pie in the face?

    Tabz (The Blinking Cursor)
    michele said...
    I've got some cranky commenters. Look around, you'll find them :-).

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