Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blog Envy Again

Well, I'm coveting another blog again! This one is a beautiful use of maroon and grey. I love when the color of the graphic matches the color of the font. I didn't do that on this blog but I attempted to integrate the font color with the color of the background I used to frame the picture on my other blog.

You may be interested in the blog for reasons other than aesthetics if you are into the Emergent church discussion. It is a group blog and one of the bloggers is a fellow seminarian from Westminster, Mark. Here is what they're about:

Missional Theology is by its very nature meant for the average person sitting in the pew (or chair, or sofa or whatever people sit in these days when the community of Jesus Christ is gathered). There are very few things more important in our day and age than helping our church communities understand their missional identity and calling. Along with this task, comes the need to help individuals understand their missional identity and calling.
This project is in one sense a journey of learning. It is about helping the field missional of theology become a bit more “touchable” for the mechanic, the lawyer, the doctor, the hair dresser, the stay at home parent, the full-time waiter, etc.
BTW, go check out my other blog and tell me if the background color is white or gray because on both Firefox and Explorer they are white but it was coded to be gray. Why would it change overnight? Not that I'm complaining, I like it better this way but I can't take credit for it :-).


  1. prairie girl said...

    I am really giggling....I am in the process of designing a new blog and I am having the same problem I have when buying shoes....I like too many.

    I think your blog is absolutely lovely, btw. I want to live in the photo at the top of this page~
    michele said...
    So do I praire girl! And thanks so much. Do you see the color scheme link I had on my other blog, that is so helpful!

    BTW, I will be linking to an article of yours later today. I've been so busy trying to get my blogging chicks blogroll up and running that I haven't got a chance to find out what you guys are up to at "got me a college girl." But I did this morning and of course it got my blood boiling (and I know you realize I don't mean you guys :-).
    Beth said...
    Unless you've since changed it-the CSS code shows #fff as the background color which is white. I don't know anything about Blogger templates though.
    michele said...
    But why would it be gray before and white now? And I didn't do anything.
    Moonshadow said...
    Sorry, I don't see a link to the blog in your post???

    How about "esthetics"? I know it's lent but you don't strike me as one particularly concerned with physical mortification, that is, "ascetics". I could make a joke about a Reformed Chick who doesn't know her esthetics from her ascetics ... but it's almost too poetic.

    Speaking of the former, I meant to tell you that I like the font change and other touchups on your Reformed Chicks blog very much! Am I redeemed?
    michele said...
    The changes on my other blog are from the Lord not me, I haven't changed a thing :-). I was wondering if someone took pity on me and stole my account information and changed it :-).

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