Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Addition to Our Blogroll

Someone else has decided to take the plunge and join our list. Welcome Beth from Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind, somewhere in America who is in West Virginia. Beth has a nicely designed site with an uncluttered look and an excellent title graphic and she is an interesting writer too, I really enjoyed reading about her life. One caveat, she has a picture of a naked man with a strategically placed watermelon but don't let that stop you from visiting.

Updated to add: It is now safe to visit the site! Beth has thoughtfully put the picture "under the fold" with a warning. So, go visit her site, she is very open about her life and it makes for an interesting read (I'm really nosy, so I like this kind of blog). Pray for her job interview today.

Now, those of you who are thinking about taking the plunge, do it now while I still have time to fuss over you. Eventually it will be: "here are two more names added to the list go check them out." And during the month of May it will be "sorry to those of you waiting to join, you will have to wait until after finals."



  1. Beth said...
    Thanks for the welcome! I basically tell it like it is when it comes to my writings-I believe the truth shall some day set me free..once in a great while I'll toss in a bad word but not often. I have to be really peeved. I'm looking forward to reading all the blogs! Oh, and I'm in West Virginia.
    michele said...
    Thank you, Beth for visiting my blog! I read a little of your blog and I didn't notice anything amiss (except for the picture of the naked man with profanty written across his chest :-). The reason I made an issue of the swearing is that I've been to some sites were the entire entry was profanty. I'm sorry but that's a big turn off and I want blogs on my list that people want to visit. I could tell your blog would be one people would want to visit.

    How did your job interview go?

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