Saturday, March 25, 2006


I have had my first truly negative comment today. I knew it was only a matter of time. The world doesn't like to hear that what it's doing is wrong, they don't want to know that abortion is stopping the beating of a human heart. That you are ending a human life made in the image of God. It really doesn't matter what I believe, don't get mad at me for believing it. Just go on with your life and ignore me.

Updated to add: I should have provided the link to the comment and my response. Go here.

BTW, I have no intention of getting in a shouting match and hurling gernades at other people. I will not answer in kind and you won't force me to do so. You don't agree with me that's fine, there are millions of other blogs out there to read. Don't spoil your day with rage.

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  1. Liberally Conservative said...
    The pro-choice crowd is not only the "me" group, but they become vicious when challenged with a differing opinion or belief.

    They speak from both sides of their mouth as long as it suits their belief system, which is quite ruptured.
    michele said...
    I'm not sure if the person who left the comment is liberal or not. On the blog associated with the name, the person mentions that they are not a democrat, so who knows.

    I like your sketch. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
    Susan said...
    I just read the article published by the Rabbi for Planned Parenthood. I am shocked!

    Murder is murder. How can he say the bible is silent on murder?
    What bible is he reading??
    michele said...
    Did you read my article?
    Lisa said...
    Its refreshing to read someone who says what they think and has the strength of their convictions. I completely agree...well done!
    michele said...
    Thank you. We all have opinions about these things but we don't want to impose our beliefs on others. I'm not imposing my beliefs, just stating them. Nobody has to listen, that's the beauty of the Internet, you can just move on, you don't have to debate. We need to really understand what it means to be tolerant.

    What's this issue like in Ireland? Is abortion still illegal?

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