Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I wonder if those who are swatting at Christian feminists realize that they're hitting us (the traditional stay-at-home mom who also goes to seminary or college) as well.


  1. Moonshadow said...
    Does the theology of vocation allow for a call to the single life?

    Doesn't Paul advocate the single life in 1 Cor. 7?

    In the back of my mind, I've always wondered whether I was called to the single life.

    And here I am ... married to my high school sweetheart with three young boys and a mortgage - maybe I'm just playing Jonah here, dodging my calling - or maybe I wouldn't last five minutes in the communal, single life!

    Our lives have seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Except we women will never retire from keeping house ... I try to squeeze a little retirement into each day! :-)
    michele said...
    You know, I have made that point elsewhere. I believe it does. But I think some people are interpreting it that it was for the original reader only. Paul was writing to people who were being persecuted and if you had a family you would be fearful to proclaim the gospel! So much for consistent hermeneutics or a knowledge of Christian history. I was actually paraphrasing someone who said that this is the way she was taught.

    Yeah, I thought I was called to the single life as well (when I was a teenager) but as a Calvinist I realize that I'm doing what the Lord called me to do. He had other plans for my life.

    Our pastor gave an interesting sermon how retirement was really unbiblical and used Caleb as his example. We weren't created for a life of leisure that is why so many people go back to work after they retire.

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