Thursday, February 16, 2006

Michele in Wonderland

I have been on the Internet since before it was the World Wide Web, I used to read Usenet (I especially liked alt.barney.die.die.die), so I am not a novice to the Internet. And I have been able to keep up with developments in the church -- New Perspective on Paul, Emergent Church, churches not allowing Christian women to teach at all (or only children), churches where only the teaching elders or ruling elders are allowed to teach, etc. So as you can see I am not a novice to what is going on out there, but there are some things that I had no idea are going on.

I didn't know that there are sites that encourage girls to refrain from going to school and are being trained to be a wife and mother with either their parents are another couple (go here for more details and make sure you read the comments). I didn't realize that there are pastors in the PCA church who believed that the only calling for a woman is to be a wife and mother (fundamentalists yes, reformed no -- there is a doctrine of vocation in reformed theology, so this was surprising). I didn't know that there are reformed racist sites. I didn't know that there are those who think that slavery is moral (biblical) and that includes the Sudan (I know because I asked).

I started this blog so that I could add my voice to the other orthodox voices out there and maybe the world could see that we aren't all like Pat Robertson but I can see that what my husband said this morning is true: this is who we are. We are strange, we are a cult and the world is right in its assessment of us. I'm a little depressed by that thought.


  1. Laura T said...

    Don't think the world is right about 'us'. I look at it the other way around. Anyone who stands for something in life will be looked down upon if it goes against the 'norm. In our case, the media is so biased that we do look out of the norm to them, but I say - Who cares? This life is so short - ETERNITY is what matters and as a Bride of Christ, - he will welcome us with open arms - You are a good and faithful servent.

    People get too caught up in the schemantics (sp?) - As long as PPC is staying on track, your kids are being educated in a school that supports you and your husbands' beliefs, - that is all that matters. You are a wonderful role model for your family as well as the women you mentor. Never loose sight of that. You are doing God's will for your life. :)
    Susan said...
    I agree Michele, it IS depressing.

    I think that since we are paying attention to what is going on in the evangelical community through the posts on this site, we can see why the church is it's own greatest enemy. Just look at the examples you cited, anyone looking at "us" from the outside would and should consider us kooks. There is no unity of belief. Saying slavery is morally right flies in the face of the gospel!

    The spirit of this age is alive and well and living very comfortably in the church of Jesus Christ.

    I say, let's press on! Let me remind you of what a good friend of mine always tells me when I get down from the injustice of it all..."it's part of the process of becoming more and more like Christ.." (can you guess who I'm citing?)
    michele said...
    Thank you for the encouragement Laura. But I do think about those who look at us and see the kooks. I would rather be thought of as a fool for Christ for the things I believe not the things that others believe.
    michele said...
    Susan and Laura,

    I am thankful that we can fight these battles together.
    Moonshadow said...
    I didn't want to be the first to invoke the "c-word" (I mean "cult"). I don't like to toss that word around because you can bet my faith has been considered such. However, in reading these sites, I was thinking along the lines of cult.

    It's a big country, very rural in places - 'though they have Internet! - perhaps lacking in responsible oversight. Maybe someone dropped the ball on these communities ...

    I disagree with the philosophy that so long as the local church and nuclear family are ok, nothing else matters. For years, my local parish was deplorable and the only thing that kept me plugged into God at all was the image of the universal church ... oh, and Protestant Bible studies! :-)

    I miss those old user news groups, too, talk.religion.christian - I guess they are still around but with so many people online nowadays, the signal to noise ratio isn't worth the trouble. Back in the good ol' days, only eggheads were online and "talk" was good.
    michele said...
    Yeah, and now it's spam, swearing and flame wars. You can always tell when a twelve year old has been let into the room.

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