Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Love You Prairie Muffins

Don't take the following the wrong way but I am a little ticked by the link to this blog by the Bayly brothers. This is their example of a good website (the link was a pat on the head to the little woman because she knows her place). I have absolutely nothing against women who take pride in their role as wife and mother. I take pride in my roles (wife, mother, student) as well and I hope that we can celebrate each others accomplishments and take joy in each other's strengths and not be pit against each other by men who think they know what's best for other men's wives and other pastors' sheep.

So in that spirit, I have made my own symbol (go to the website to check out her prairie muffin symbol):

(Now, if I can only figure out how to get it to my sidebar!)

I really do love you, prairie muffins because you are my sisters in Christ.

Updated to add: I hope that everyone can see where I am coming from in this post, I am discouraged by the party spirit in the church (if I had more time I would quote the Corinthians passage here)-- it is us vs. them. Each of us should do what we believe the Lord is calling us to do and to do so in keeping with what the Bible says. My problem isn't with the prairie muffin's website (as I stated above) it is with the way it was linked to. And I liked the idea of a symbol, so I borrowed it. I am even thinking of writing a Theologian in Training manifesto :-) to go along with it. I am writing this to make sure everyone understands that I was not being sarcastic when I say that I love prairie muffins because I really do love them as I do all my sisters in Christ.


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