Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Holy Spirit

Sinclair Ferguson's book on the Holy Spirit is really good. I am learning a lot about His activity in both the Old and New Testament from it. I highly recommend that you read it. And don't be concerned that it's too hard to read, I think that it is very readable and worth any effort it would take to read it. I am digesting it now and I plan to put up some quotes later today tomorrow whenever.


  1. TulipGirl said...
    I like Sinclair Ferguson. *g*
    michele said...
    Yes, this is wonderful book and one I highly recommend.
    Susan said...
    I think he is my favorite theologian. He makes God truth digestable in a way that is profound AND deep. Can't wait to see him at the PCRT in April.

    BTW, this Sunday we start teaching Romans 8, I think I should get his book to shine more light on this chapter, what do you think?
    michele said...
    I am going to recommend buying any book especially if you use my link to Amazon :-)

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