Saturday, January 28, 2006

Update on What's in a Name

I was trying to explain the purpose of this blog to a friend of mine (and this was after she had read my explanation) and I realized that the easiest way to explain it is to say Reformed Christian world-view. So this blog will eventually (and very slowly I might add)be filled with examples of how a real Christian (not the stereotype of Hollywood) views life. Why would anyone care? Because you think you know but you don't.


  1. Susan said...
    Now that I understand or was enlighted by you, I am excited about the idea of discussing what exactly IS a Christian world view. And for that matter, how Christians are viewed BY the world. There is so much misunderstanding in our culture today on what a Christian IS and how people think they should be living their lives.
    I just finished an undergrad course on philosophy, major world religons to be exact, and in my naivete, I "expected" to actually discuss Christianity and the person and work of Jesus Christ, but we never even came close to that. Sure, we talked about all the peripheral stuff, like church corruption and the history of violence, but never talked about the person of Christ! I have a better understanding now how people can "think" they know christianity and what a Christian is after being in this class. Basically, people who aren't Christians don't really have a clue. This isn't a criticism, just an objective fact. I look forward to talking more about this.
    michele said...
    Yes, and that was the point of the blog! Since Christianity has been around so long, people think they understand it but they don't. You really can't understand Christianity unless you experience it (like childbirth).

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